NIX Solutions: YouTube Lowers Monetization Requirements

YouTube lowers the requirements for video monetization and provides more opportunities for creators. The company has published new thresholds for entering the YouTube Partner Program for video creators. You now need 500 subscribers, 3 video uploads in 90 days, 3,000 hours watched in the last year, or 3 million Shorts views in the last 90 days.

NIX Solutions

This is a significant reduction in requirements compared to previous values. These changes will allow more video creators to access monetization tools and start earning from their content. In addition, YouTube is expanding its partner program for US creators who are already part of the program and have over 20,000 subscribers.

However, the new requirement to upload three videos within 90 days may create problems for some creators, especially those who create long videos that require more time and materials. Despite this, YouTube promises to provide more information about its new programs at the upcoming VidCon conference.

In addition to lowering the requirements for monetization, YouTube is actively developing new tools for short video creators. In February, the company began sharing advertising revenue from shorts with shorts, and in March introduced a new metric to track an artist’s overall reach across multiple formats, including shorts.

Initially, the change in profanity policy caused some protests among video creators, but as a result, the company relaxed the restrictions, allowing profanity in music and setting a time limit of up to seven seconds.

YouTube continues to grow and provide new opportunities for video creators, cocnludes NIX Solutions. Lowering the monetization requirements and expanding the affiliate program opens up more opportunities to grow and make money on YouTube.