NIX Solutions on Rating of CMS in CIS Countries

The website published a rating of site management systems (CMS), presenting the results in the form of a consolidated TOP of individual Open Source ratings, studio and commercial CMS.

The rating methodology is simple: the more sites recorded on a specific CMS and the higher their Yandex credibility indicator, the higher it is in the rating.

TOP-5 commercial CMS

  1. 1C-Bitrix
  2. CS-Cart
  3. UMI.CMS
  4. Netcat
  5. Shop script

TOP-5 Open-source CMS

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla!
  4. MODX
  5. Opencart

TOP 5 studio CMS

  1. UralCMS
  2. Canape cms
  3. Evolution CMS
  4. Imprimatur
  5. Thecart CMS / CMF

TOP 4 SaaS

  1. Insales
  3. Tilda publishing
  4. uCoz

The rating also gives the opportunity to see which CMS is most in demand for creating online stores and portals, which are most often used to create sites for medical, industrial or any particular topic.

For example, in most cases, Drupal is used to create state websites, and Magento is used for fashion and beauty websites. Oil and gas companies from the free CMS prefer MODX, and from the designers they prefer Tilda. Most online stores, like all other projects, choose Bitrix from commercial CMS, and Opencart from free ones.

Note that the TOP-5 Open-source CMS has remained unchanged since 2017. What also remained unchanged, is the world-wide preference of WordPress as the CMS for website owners. Meeting this need, NIX Solutions’ experts offer their services in the sphere and will gladly fulfill your most bold aspirations.