NIX Solutions: Viber Now Has Mobile Payments Using Chatbots

Modern popular instant messengers are moving away from the concept of only a tool for communication, and more and more often act as media platforms or a platform for various services.

Ukrainian Viber users were the first to receive a new opportunity to make mobile payments using chat bots, which was described at a presentation that took place online on November 19, reports NIX Solutions.

Why the payment function was first launched in Ukraine.

There are several reasons to to it.

Viber is very popular in the country. For many years it has been the leader in terms of the number of downloads. It is worth noting that Viber is installed on 97.7% of smartphones in Ukraine.

The number of Viber chat bots in Ukraine reaches 5000, which is quite impressive. It is curious that a lot of software developments related to chat bots in Viber were made by Ukrainian specialists.

In order to pay for goods or services it is only necessary to add a payment card to the electronic wallet Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Companies can start selling their own products and services and process incoming payments by connecting to a payment service provider that supports this option, creating their own chatbot in Viber and allowing them to pay with it.

At the moment, Viber is cooperating with two payment service providers: LiqPay from PrivatBank and Portmone.

The first partners who started using the service are the YASNO chatbot, which can be used to pay electricity bills, the RailwayBot chatbot, where users can buy train tickets, the Portmone chatbot, where you can top up your mobile account, and others.

What are the main benefits of Viber mobile payments mentioned by the company’s representatives?

  • using such usual payment methods as Google Pay and Apple Pay;
  • no additional commissions and additional payments;
  • no need to go to external pages;
  • high security;
  • it is a simple and convenient tool for additional communication for entrepreneurs;
  • working with trusted service providers and bot developers.