Web Development

We provide a full range of services in the field of web development, support and SEO website promotion.


Multipurpose logistics for online stores, conceptual, operational and executive assistance to online sellers.

Corporate Website

Development of a corporate site will attract the target audience, tell in detail about your business, strengthen the existing partnership.

Website Design

Not just a picture, but a convenient and easy interface with a unique and original appearance.

Website Performance Optimization (Speed-Up)

Improving various factors on optimizing download speed, usability, as well as internal website optimization.

Fact: nowadays business goes online. Take a look at the number of sites on the global web. Today there are more than a billion of them, and this figure only increases.



In recent years, web services have been in great demand among businesses. For those who are not yet in the topic, we will tell what it is in simple words.

Every time you launch the browser, you get to all kinds of Internet platforms: sites, landing pages, etc. Their creation, promotion and maintenance – this is the web services.

Today you can order web studio services without even getting up from your computer. This is a very common and widely developed business.  The site has long ceased to be just a brand name card. From now on, this is its catalog, showcase and online store all rolled into one.

For our part, we at Nix Solutions are eager to provide any kind of web development service. Members of Nix Solutions’ team are constantly developing and learning something, their expertise  results in bringing profit to the customers. After the project is completed, we will tell and show you how to work with the site or product correctly.

NIX Solutions’ Web Services

Trading Web Application

It is time to realize your ideas - order the development of a mobile application for your business.

NIX Solutions, NIXsolutions,
Viktor Sanin — Founder & CEO.

Successful implementation of the project always requires reliable tools and effective software solutions, so that the planned time resources are used in a balanced manner and the scope of the established development period is not violated.

All projects carried out at NIX Solutions range from stunning to everyday and inconspicuous, at first glance, sites. And each of them can be interpreted as experimental, but at the same time, every project is developed on the basis of modern technologies and by experienced and qualified specialists only.

Unique projects are impossible without creative individuals who are ready for intellectual understanding of the tasks. Specialists of the NIX Solutions are constantly learning and sharing experiences, therefore they create software using existing time-tested features and open up new, creative ones.

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NIX Solutions Reviews

The guys are well aware of their work, we ordered design services for our marketing agency, the designer got into the spirits of the project and provided cool ideas and also took into account all the wishes and changes before and during development. The final results are very pleasing, great work!
NIX Solutions, NIXsolutions,
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I want to express gratitude to NIX Solutions for the excellent work done and the creation of a multifunctional site. All the requirements set by our company were successfully fulfilled by the NIX Solutions’ team. The site is functional, intuitive, easy to use. During the work on the project, the team showed particular coherence and a high level of professionalism.
NIX Solutions, NIXsolutions,
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Thank you for the website. Done on time and with very high quality. The company took into account all my wishes and corrections. I will advise your services to everyone.
NIX Solutions, NIXsolutions,
Frank Jones
From Japan
Many thanks for the creative, quick and bug-free implementation, everything was done at a high level and on time, which is an exception nowadays. Definitely will recommend.
NIX Solutions, NIXsolutions,
Jack Brownn
From London, UK