NIX Solutions suggests: 5 Promising Solutions in Web Design in 2020

Logotype geometry

In graphic design, the shape of objects can convey many meanings. For example, the smooth shape, the absence of angles and the flexibility of the elements make the viewer feel calm, light and relaxed. At the same time, clear geometric objects, such as triangles and rectangles, evoke associations with clear organization, prudence and productivity. For an original and memorable logo, you should use geometric shapes in minimalism, according to the goals that the designer pursues.

Rectangle text

It would seem an old and notorious idea, however, it still shows itself perfectly, notes NIX Solutions. For example, Cat van der Werff, a designer from Australia, says: “Text in a box can mean a lot, regardless of the background image. This means that with the texture and color of the text box, you can make various interesting changes, sometimes even add a little retro. ”

80s inspired logos

In the world of fashion, there is such a theory that everything goes in a circle, and trends always return. This can be said about web design. Bright colors, explosive design and a clear position – these are the leading aspects of the culture of the 80s. Designers pick up these ideas and promote them in their own projects.

Logo gradient

Bright colors need a clear organization, which is why many designers and illustrators use a gradient in their work. This is a very popular solution in 2019-2020 giving an interesting and new look even to old logos. The positive qualities can be attributed to the fact that the gradient turns into animation easily, which fits perfectly into the ad units.

Mixed Logos

Volumetric-flat logos are a new hit. Designers build flat images, and then, thanks to competent chiaroscuro, build the shape and volume of the object, forcing the viewer’s imagination to work for the author. This is the most popular solution to this day, so you can safely take notes.