NIX Solutions: Google News Opens Paid Content for Select Publishers

Google News will pay for some subscription content through the News Showcase program, reports SearchEngines. This new section in Google News features publisher-supplied newsfeeds. The service is currently only available in a number of countries, including Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The service was launched in October this year.

News Showcase will now begin providing users with access to paid content through partnerships with select publishers, according to the Google blog.

To view this content, users must be registered on the sites of these media.

Regard to expanding the launch of News Showcase, Google is currently in talks with publishers in a number of countries, but which ones are not specified.

NIX Solutions notes that the new service was originally launched on the Google News Android app, but today it is also available on the iOS app. In addition, Google plans to add it to the web version of Google News and the Discover feed.