NIX Solutions: YouTube Steps Up the Fight against Offensive Comments

YouTube has announced the launch of a new feature that will alert users when they are about to post an offensive comment.

The service has also begun testing a filter that will allow channel owners to automatically hide suspicious comments for later verification, states SearchEngines.

The new features are designed to improve the quality of comments on the platform.

In alerts, YouTube will ask users to be respectful and prompt them to review the community guidelines if they are unsure if a comment is compliant.

At the same time, this function will not block the publication of a comment, even if it is offensive. It will only offer to revise it and edit it.

Potentially inappropriate comments will be identified by automated systems trained on the content that users most often flag as offensive, notes NIX Solutions.

Android users will be the first to see new alerts in English.

When this feature will launch on other platforms and languages, YouTube has not specified.