NIX Solutions: YouTube is Testing Download Sync Across Devices

One of the most requested premium features of the YouTube service is the ability to download videos to your device for offline playback. According to Android Police, the developers intend to extend this functionality to Premium users. Now they will be able to download videos to their phone, and later view them on their other devices.

The aforementioned download sync feature has been available to some users of the YouTube mobile app for Android for some time. According to reports, test participants have a new option in the application settings menu to enable download synchronization, as well as a switch that says “Allow downloads to this device.”

NIX Solutions notes notes that the possible implementation of the function of synchronizing downloads in YouTube was announced back in 2018. No official statements on the timing of the full implementation of this function have been reported.

Earlier this month, YouTube began supporting HDR live streaming. It is assumed that support for broadcasts in this format will be useful for game streams, e-sports broadcasts, various events (music and sports), as well as for broadcasts related to travel and excursions.