NIXSolutions: Windows 11 Test Build Introduces Linux-Inspired Sudo Feature

In the latest Windows 11 test build, enthusiasts and insiders have stumbled upon a feature that echoes a well-established functionality within the Linux community. This notable addition brings the sudo command to the Windows environment.

NIX Solutions

Understanding the Sudo Utility

The sudo utility, a long-standing tool in the Linux arsenal, empowers users to execute applications or modify OS settings with elevated administrator privileges. This becomes especially handy when the user lacks the requisite access rights, mirroring the Windows practice of running the command line as an administrator.

Configurability in Windows 11

Unveiled within the settings section tailored for developers in the Canary build of Windows 11, the sudo feature presents users with options. According to a shared screenshot on the social network X, users can now customize how the command operates after launch, whether in a new window or within the existing one.

Practical Implications and Future Integration

This innovative feature holds promise in streamlining essential operations with elevated rights without necessitating the conferral of administrator privileges for the entire command line or PowerShell session, notes NIXSolutions. However, details about its integration into stable Windows releases and the anticipated timeline remain undisclosed, leaving users eagerly awaiting further information.