NIXsolutions: Text-to-Music Apps – Bridging Creativity and AI Innovation

With the surge in popularity of Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI tools like ChatGPT, developers have harnessed their potential for diverse applications, from composing emails to summarizing articles. Recently, this technology has ventured into the realm of music generation, offering novel ways to create musical pieces through simple text inputs.


Songburst: Music Generation Simplified

Brett Bauman, the mind behind PlayListAI (formerly LinupSupply), unveiled the Songburst app on the App Store. Unlike complex training processes, this application operates seamlessly by prompting users to enter queries such as “Soothing piano music to listen to while studying” or “Funky beats for a podcast intro.” These prompts trigger the app to generate corresponding music videos effortlessly.

Diverse Options and Future Goals

To facilitate users’ creative endeavors, Songburst offers an array of predefined categories, spanning videos, lo-fi, podcasts, games, meditations, and samples. Bauman’s backend design employs Vercel, while the music generation relies on Leap. Presently, there is a 30-second generation constraint, and some outputs may not meet quality expectations. Bauman aims to extend music video durations and enhance quality over time.

Subscription Model and Expansion

Songburst allows users a free trial, with subscription options at $9.99 monthly or $79.99 annually. Subscribers receive 20 song credits per month and the ability to download tracks in mp3 format. Additional credit packs of five ($7.99), 10 ($11.99), or 20 ($15.99) songs can also be purchased.

CassetteAI: Crafting Musical Samples

Ahil Tolani, creator of music collaboration app Rapchat, introduces CassetteAI, accessible both online and on the App Store. CassetteAI employs a distinctive model based on the seq2seq hierarchical architecture, trained on a specialized dataset for generating non-copyrighted music. The application generates samples of up to three minutes and offers a user-friendly interface for creating variations and basic edits.

Pro Subscription and Ethical Considerations

CassetteAI provides a Pro subscription at $4.99 per month, granting unlimited compositions and improved AI models for enhanced composition generation. Tolani emphasizes respecting ethical boundaries within the music industry and positioning AI as a creative tool rather than a replacement for human creators.

Beyond Indie Development: Industry Giants Join In

Beyond independent developers, major tech companies also enter the text-to-music domain. Google introduced MusicLM at its I/O developer conference, while Meta launched its AI-based music generator, MusicGen. The quality of generated compositions improves, yet concerns arise regarding training data and legal implications.

Navigating AI’s Role in Music Creation

As AI-generated music gains traction, concerns about training data and copyrights emerge, concludes NIXsolutions. OpenAI’s Jukebox model balances openness and copyright restrictions. Musicians like Grimes engage with AI technology to collaborate with fans. The aspiration is to democratize music production while respecting the industry’s creative ecosystem.