NIXsolutions: Microsoft Paint To Get AI to Generate Images

The next advancement in Windows applications is set to revolutionize the basic graphics editor, Paint. Microsoft is actively considering the incorporation of an algorithm within the program that will empower users to generate images based on textual descriptions. This development was reported by Windows Central, citing an internal source.


Utilizing Bing Image Creator’s Neural Network

Sources indicate that the envisioned image generator will leverage the neural network underpinning the Bing Image Creator platform. This neural network has the capability to fabricate images based on textual prompts provided by users. Additionally, an initial layout proposal for the updated Paint interface, integrating AI features, has been circulated internally.

Enhanced Interface and Functionality

The anticipated AI-infused Paint might showcase features like a “Magic Paint” button and a dedicated sidebar where users can input text-based descriptions of desired images. Once generated, these images can be seamlessly transferred to the main workspace, allowing users to further refine and modify them. However, it’s crucial to note that the current version is merely a conceptual representation, and practical implementation details are yet to be fully disclosed.

Potential AI Integration in Other Windows Apps

Apart from Paint, the Windows ecosystem might witness AI integration in other applications such as Photos, Camera, and Snipping Tool, notes NIXsolutions. The Photos application could potentially acquire the ability to automatically identify and extract individuals from photographs, enabling their seamless integration into other images. Furthermore, the Camera and Snipping Tool applications could be enhanced with AI-driven text recognition functionality for photographs and screenshots, streamlining graphic content manipulation. It’s important to mention that these intentions have not yet been officially confirmed by Microsoft.