NIXSolutions: Microsoft Introduces Streamlined Installation Process for Store Apps

Microsoft has initiated the rollout of a new method for installing Microsoft Store applications via the web interface, resembling the installation process of regular executable files.


Streamlined Installation Process

Previously, when users clicked the “Install” button on the web version of the Microsoft Store, the system prompted them to open the Store’s application, requiring an additional click. Now, a lightweight installer is launched immediately with just two preliminary clicks. However, it’s important to note that this standalone executable downloads necessary data during the installation.

Enhanced User Experience

Microsoft highlights that the lightweight offline installer retains the ability for users to stay updated with the latest features of their desired software. Notably, the installation file can function even if the Microsoft Store app is absent from the computer. This change was initiated following user complaints, leading to a five-month experiment that demonstrated increased installation rates by an average of 12% and a 54% rise in launched applications.

Future Expansion and Feedback

Microsoft intends to extend this mechanism to new products and markets based on positive feedback. NIXSolutions notes that the new installation mechanism has already been implemented for messenger clients Snapchat and GroupMe, with plans for Discord’s integration still underway, as reported by The Verge.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s introduction of the streamlined installation process for Store apps aims to enhance user experience and streamline the installation process. As the rollout progresses, we’ll keep you updated on further developments.