NIX Solutions: Microsoft Edge 121 Released

Microsoft has recently unveiled the latest stable version of the Edge browser, introducing a unique feature allowing users to grow a virtual tree that will later be translated into a real one. The process involves “planting” the electronic tree in the Microsoft Wallet service, with specific details about the real planting yet to be disclosed, hinting at a potential corporate initiative.


Innovative Features and Enhanced Customization

Apart from the tree-planting functionality, the update brings practical changes such as support for AVIF and AV1 formats. These formats promise high compression ratios without compromising video and audio quality. Additionally, the icon signaling available updates will now be found in the General Browser Options menu, shifting away from the Settings menu.

For corporate users with Entra ID accounts, the browser now allows customization, enabling the addition of organizational information, a corporate color in the profile window, and a name/logo overlay in the tab and taskbar icon.

In terms of security, Edge now conducts checks on website addresses for typos, aiming to shield users from potential phishing resources, adds NIX Solutions. The browser has also received six corresponding patches, further enhancing its safety features. Comprehensive details about all these innovations are available in the browser documentation.