NIX Solutions: Meta’s New AI Chatbots and Tools

Meta is launching AI chatbots on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and is also giving developers the ability to create their own versions of AI assistants.

Meta AI Assistant Overview

At the Connect developer conference, Meta unveiled its new AI assistant, Meta AI, capable of answering user questions through a partnership with Microsoft Bing and generating images using AI. This AI assistant is available on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and soon, Ray-Ban Meta and Quest 3 smart glasses. It is powered by advanced technology from Llama 2 and Quest 3.

NIX Solutions

AI Tools on Instagram

Instagram introduces innovative AI photo editing tools that go beyond conventional filters. Users can style their photos with specific requests, such as “watercolor” or “magazine and gauze collage with torn edges.” Businesses can also create custom filters and change photo backgrounds, enhancing product photography and marketing options.

Creating Stickers with AI

Meta introduces AI stickers, allowing users to create digital stickers for chats and stories with simple text prompts on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. These AI stickers will undergo testing with a limited number of English-speaking users in the coming month.

AI Studio for Chatbot Creation

Meta launches an AI studio for companies to build their own AI-powered chatbot models, connecting via the platform’s API to interact with clients in instant messengers.

Interacting with Celebrities

Meta users can interact with 28 chatbots that mimic celebrities’ voices and appearances, including Snoop Dogg, Israel Adesanya, Chris Paul, MrBeast, and more. The new Meta chatbot provides a unique celebrity-style interaction experience.

NIX Solutions adds that in a related update, OpenAI enhances ChatGPT chatbot with internet research capabilities, ensuring access to relevant and reliable information.