NIXsolutions: Meta Introduces Imagine – Text-Based Image Generation

Meta, following the footsteps of DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, unveiled its own image generator, Imagine with Meta. This AI-driven platform crafts images based on text commands, powered by the Emu AI model specializing in graphics. Presently, it offers four images per request but is limited to the USA.

NIX Solutions

Expanding Accessibility and Future Developments

In a recent blog post, Meta highlighted the expansion of Imagine’s utility beyond chats, enabling users to generate images through the web interface. Users have expressed delight in leveraging Imagine for creative content within chats, prompting Meta to broaden its accessibility.

Currently, images created by Imagine bear a visible watermark, with plans to transition to an AI-generated invisible watermark. This innovation aims to resist conventional image manipulations, promising resilience against cropping, resizing, screenshotting, and other alterations. Meta also plans to implement these markings across various AI-generated image products.

Accessibility Limitations and Past Challenges

Presently, Imagine with Meta remains exclusive to users within the United States, notes NIXsolutions. Meta’s previous ventures with AI-generated image tools, like the AI sticker generator for Instagram and Facebook, faced challenges with unreliable filters. Users found ways to create inappropriate content, prompting the company to refine its filtering systems.