NIX Solutions: LinkedIn’s AI-Powered Innovations

LinkedIn has introduced many new services based on artificial intelligence. The company relies on AI and offers a wide range of tools that help with finding and applying for jobs, selecting educational materials, creating resumes, and writing letters of recommendation. LinkedIn emphasizes that it has been working with AI since 2007 and has been incorporating this technology into its products since its earliest days.

NIX Solutions

Integrating AI in Professional Networking

“We’ve been working with AI since 2007,” said head of product Tomer Cohen. “We actively use it to bring people together, protect and maintain trust in the ecosystem. This is one of our most powerful tools.” The company launched a suite of tools powered by OpenAI in October 2023, adding reading and writing tools a month later, as well as tools to help create profiles, job ads, and company pages.

LinkedIn, part of Microsoft, benefits from Microsoft’s substantial AI work and investment. This partnership alleviates much of the innovation and investment burden from LinkedIn itself, allowing it to focus on building and integrating AI tools for its specific needs.

LinkedIn offers a new way to search for jobs using conversational suggestions that rely on objective data and existing job openings. AI can create a cover letter or recommendation letter and provide additional information about the user’s resume and professional activities.

Enhancing Learning and Search Capabilities

LinkedIn continues to develop its video learning platform. Cohen mentioned that enrollment in AI-related courses, which include both technical and general education modules such as a basic introduction to generative AI, has increased by 160% compared to last year. For Premium plan subscribers, the company is currently testing “AI-powered expert advice.” Using generative AI trained from renowned instructors, LinkedIn provides users with personalized responses as a “starting point.” In the future, premium subscribers will receive personal trainers that they can use while watching a LinkedIn Learning course, adds NIX Solutions.

Until now, search has been one of the most problematic tools on the platform, which has become especially evident as it has grown. LinkedIn says it will provide more details about the new AI-powered search in the coming weeks, but is already promising rich search capabilities using natural language queries. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.