NIX Solutions: Jack Dorsey Criticizes Bluesky, Embraces Nostr

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has sharply criticized the decentralized microblogging service Bluesky, which he founded in 2021. Dorsey said the service is “repeating every mistake” he made while running Twitter. He stated that he prefers Nostr, even though it is “weird and difficult to use.”

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Bluesky’s Challenges

In an interview with Founders Fund’s Mike Solana, Dorsey said he never intended for Bluesky to become an independent company with its own board of directors, shares, and other corporate structure. Instead, Dorsey’s plan would be to be the first client to take advantage of open source, notes NIX Solutions.

“People started to see Bluesky as something they could go to when they left Twitter,” Dorsey said. “It’s not Twitter, and that’s why it’s great.” He further said that the new social network had moderation and its team began to block users. “That was the second moment I thought, ‘No.’ This literally repeats every mistake we’ve made as a company (on Twitter),” Jack Dorsey said. This month he said he had deleted his Bluesky account and also resigned from the board of directors.

Dorsey also confirmed that he provides financial support to another decentralized service, Nostr, which is also similar to Twitter and is popular among crypto enthusiasts.