NIX Solutions: Google Drive Users Encounter File Loss and Cloud Storage Issues

Google Drive users are facing a range of issues, including file loss, cloud storage access restrictions, and other cloud storage disruptions. The company has acknowledged the problem and is actively investigating the cause. In the meantime, Google advises users to refrain from making any changes to their drives.

NIX Solutions

The initial reports of file loss surfaced on the YCombinator’s Hacker News forum. A user from South Korea reported that all files created after May 2023 had vanished from their drive. The files were not recoverable from either folders or the trash. Additionally, the folder structure had reverted to its state in May 2023. The user ruled out the possibility of intentional deletion by themselves or a third party. Despite various recovery attempts, the lost data remains unrecovered.

Google Initiates Investigation and Advises Against Self-Recovery Attempts

Google has confirmed receiving reports from other Drive users facing similar issues. The company urges users to avoid self-recovery attempts and await further instructions from their engineers.

Google officials stated that they have already begun investigating the incident and that they have received reports from Google Drive users who are experiencing similar issues. At the same time, a statement from Google representatives clearly states that you should not try to restore Google Drive yourself: “We also do not recommend making changes to the root directory and data folders while we await instructions on further actions from our engineers.”

Unclear Source of the Problem and Extent of Affected Files

Determining the root cause of these issues remains elusive. It’s unclear whether the file loss stems from the web version of Google Drive, the mobile app, or synced folders on computers. It’s also possible that some users may not have thoroughly explored all potential locations where their files might reside. Nevertheless, the consistent reports suggest that an underlying problem exists within Google Drive.

Google is actively working to resolve the file loss and cloud storage access issues, notes NIX Solutions. Users are advised to exercise caution and avoid making any changes to their drives until further guidance is provided.