NIX Solutions: Google Criticizes Microsoft’s Security Measures

Information security specialists from Google have analyzed several recent cyber attacks on Microsoft services. As a result, they concluded that the software giant “is unable to ensure the security of its systems and, therefore, its customers’ data.”

NIX Solutions

Google’s report highlighted Microsoft’s failure to properly communicate a security vulnerability that Chinese hackers exploited to attack Exchange email servers last year. As a result of that attack, hackers gained access to the contents of the mailboxes of US government employees, including those working in the field of national security. This significant breach raised concerns about the adequacy of Microsoft’s security measures.

Findings from the US Cybersecurity Review Board

Google refers to the findings of the US Cybersecurity Review Board (CSRB), part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Previously, department experts concluded that Microsoft clients did not have enough information about the cyber incident that arose during the attack on mail servers. Because of this, the software giant’s clients could not objectively assess the extent of the impact of the hacker attack on them.

During that attack, hackers used the signing key of Microsoft consumer accounts to generate fake tokens, which provided access to accounts in the web version of the Outlook (OWA) email service and It is noteworthy that Microsoft was never able to establish how the hackers managed to steal the account signing key. In its report, Google emphasized that Microsoft’s failure to determine how attackers gained access to this information is “clear evidence” that the company will not be able to protect itself and its customers from future cyberattacks.

Google’s Position and Offer

“The recurring security issues encountered with Microsoft require a better alternative for both organizations and government customers,” Google said in a statement. The company is confident that the Google Workspace platform is a safer alternative. In addition to this, Google offers discounts to corporate and government customers when switching from Microsoft services. Businesses can get 18 months of Workspace free when they sign a three-year contract, notes NIX Solutions.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments regarding this critical issue in cybersecurity.