NIXsolutions: Flutter 3.10 – New Features, Web Integration, and Performance Improvements

Flutter grows in popularity and attracts new projects

Flutter, Google’s multi-platform application development framework, is actively attracting the attention of both internal Google teams and external developers. It is already being used by projects such as the new Play Console app, the Google Cloud mobile app, and the Windows Nearby Share app, as well as developers from Canonical, French Railways, and others.

NIX Solutions

The growth and expansion of Flutter

Flutter continues to evolve and grow its app base. So far, over 1 million Flutter-powered apps have been published, nearly double the number from mid-2022.

Integrating Flutter Components with Web Apps

With the new version 3.10, developers can easily integrate Flutter components into their existing web applications. Now Flutter components can be added to web pages like any other CSS elements and manipulated in the same way.

Performance optimizations and WebAssembly support

The Flutter team is hard at work improving the performance of Flutter-based apps for the web. In addition, they continue to develop support for WebAssembly (Wasm), which allows developers to compile Dart code into Wasm. This allows you to use the native features of Wasm and improves integration with other programming languages.

Improving Graphics Performance with Impeller

The Flutter team has focused on improving graphics performance. The Impeller rendering environment has been completely rewritten and is now the default for iOS apps, notes NIXsolutions. This update significantly improves application performance. On Android, Impeller is in preview and will be available for all devices soon.