NIXSolutions: EA App Users Face Disappearing Games Issue

Electronic Arts account owners recently raised alarms as purchased games began disappearing from their libraries within the EA App service. EA has acknowledged the issue and reported on a solution, but it appears they may have acted prematurely.

Purchased games and add-ons for Electronic Arts projects started to vanish from EA App user accounts without any clear explanation. The launcher itself mentioned an “unknown reason” for the issue (see image below). Complaints about missing games began to surface on May 22, leading to a dedicated topic on the official Electronic Arts forum, which now spans over a hundred pages with more than a thousand comments.


EA’s Response and User Frustration

A few hours after the initial complaints, Electronic Arts announced they were investigating the problem. After some time, EA reported a solution, advising users to re-login to their accounts to restore access to their products. However, judging by the complaints in the comments under EA’s technical support post on X (formerly Twitter) and on the Electronic Arts forum, the problem remains unresolved. “By fixing, we mean that everything is still broken, right?” — user cuttlefishjones commented.

Users affected by this issue have reported trying various troubleshooting steps suggested by EA, including clearing the cache, reinstalling the EA App, rebooting their PCs, and running the app as an administrator, but nothing has worked so far, notes NIXSolutions.

As Electronic Arts initially assured during their investigation, the failure was temporary, but the company has not specified the nature of the problem—neither then nor now. Affected players may have to wait for a more effective solution. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.