NIX Solutions: Copilot Automatically Installed on Windows 11 due to Error

Last month, some Windows 11 users reported Microsoft’s automatic installation of the Copilot app without notification, sparking concerns of surveillance. However, a document released on the Microsoft technical support site attributed the issue to a technical error.

NIX Solutions

Technical Error Leads to Copilot Installation

According to Microsoft, an Edge update on March 28, 2024, incorrectly installed a new package (MSIX) named Microsoft chat provider for Copilot in Windows. This led to Copilot appearing in installed apps. Microsoft clarified that the application does not run in the background, execute code, or collect data. The package was intended to prepare select Windows 11 PCs for the future inclusion of Windows Copilot. Microsoft assures users that the application will be removed in a future update.

User Concerns and Resolution

Upon discovering Copilot among their installed applications, many users expressed dissatisfaction on forums and social networks. However, it was later revealed that Copilot takes up 0 bytes and is likely a “stub,” notes NIX Solutions. Users were able to remove it using standard Windows tools. Despite this, questions remain about the installation of applications without user knowledge.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding this issue.