NIXsolutions: ChatGPT App Lags Behind Third Party Apps

In the weeks since the release of the official ChatGPT application to the market, it is interesting to analyze its impact on competitors and revenue.

ChatGPT Application Competitors:

The top three third-party ChatGPT applications are Ask AI, Genie, and Chat AI, although there are many other competing applications.

NIX Solutions

App Store App Revenue:

Prior to the official release of ChatGPT, AppFigures estimates showed that the top three apps generated revenues of $92K, $511K, and $805K, respectively. This is net income after deducting Apple’s share.

ChatGPT Income:

In the first week after launch, ChatGPT managed to earn $164k. ChatGPT’s net income more than doubled the following week to $446k. Competitors declined slightly during this period, especially Genie.
Current situation:

However, ChatGPT’s growth slowed down after the first successful weeks. The numbers reversed last week, with Ask AI revenue rising to $847K, Genie falling to $296K, and Chat AI up slightly to $98K. ChatGPT revenue also dropped to $278K.

The release of the official ChatGPT application did not lead to the complete disappearance of third-party applications, cocnludes NIXsolutions. They still exist and function successfully. The mass audience has not yet appreciated the capabilities of the ChatGPT application and all its popularity on mobile devices. Ironically, the numbers speak for themselves. With the exception of Genie, the demand for AI applications continues to grow. The main revolution will take place in tools using ChatGPT. It is an amazing piece of technology, but most users still don’t know how to use it to its full potential.