NIX Solutions: AI Outperforms Humans in Passing CAPTCHAs

Researchers from the University of California at Irvine found that artificial intelligence is 15% more successful at passing CAPTCHAs than real people.NIX Solutions

Efficacy of CAPTCHA Technology Questioned

The conclusion suggests itself that the technology of protection against robots has ceased to cope with its tasks and now brings only inconvenience. The study involved 1,400 people who were asked to take tests for protection against robots, which are used on 120 popular resources. Experts compared the results with the indicators of modern bots. And if the accuracy of bots ranges from 85% to 100%, then for a person, the indicator is from 50% to 85%. Living people, according to researchers, can compete with AI only when passing reCAPTCHA. The average user completes this task in 18 seconds, while it takes 17.5 seconds for bots, notes NIX Solutions.

“Why are we still using technology that is almost universally disliked, costs so much (especially in terms of wasted human time), and is ineffective against bots?” asked UCI Professor Gene Tsudik, one of the co-authors of the study.