NIX Solutions: Windows 11 Will Have A Quick Web Search Feature

The new test build of Windows 11 has an original desktop widget. It is designed for users who often search for information on the Internet, and allows you to speed up this process without waiting for the launch of a separate application.

NIX Solutions

The innovation can already be tested by some users of the current Insider Preview build, says 4PDA. In fact, the widget is a shortcut to launch the browser immediately with search results. It will be useful in cases where you need to quickly find something on the Internet – for example, immediately when you turn on your PC, or if the web browser window is minimized and lost in the taskbar among other icons.

In order to display or disable the widget, right-click on the desktop, select “Show advanced options”, and then the settings item “Show search”. The release date of such a feature in the stable version of the operating system has not yet been announced, notes NIX Solutions. The company also says it will soon test other similar tools designed to improve the user experience for Windows 11.8 PCs.