NIXsolutions: Google On Why Specific Results are Ranked

The Google search engine has added new information to the “About this result” block, available in the menu next to each specific search result (at the moment, this information block is not available in all countries).


Now Google is showing several factors or reasons in this information block at once, why it ranks specific results in its search results, says Internet-Technologies.

In particular, Google may display phrases that match on the page and in the search query, including relevant terms that do not directly match.

In addition, the Google search engine tells about whether links from other sites influenced the ranking of a particular result, whether there were similar images in the search results, or whether there were geographic reasons for ranking the results, and much more.

Among other things, Google provides advice on how to refine a search query in the event that the links provided to the user do not match the result they expected to receive.

NIXsolutions reminds that the Google search engine began the global launch of the information block “About this result” in May this year.

By clicking on this block, located next to a specific search result, the user will be able to learn more about the source site before going to it.