NIX Solutions: Twitter Works on CLubhouse Competitor

The social network pays great attention to audio content. Today, voice options are very popular, so Twitter is actively developing the Spaces application, states Postium. So far, the Clubhouse is developing at a faster pace.

As reported by Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is currently focusing on private audio at Spaces.

The specialist also indicated specific updates that are being worked on. These include temporary recordings for reporting, new emoji responses, and privacy spaces. The latest innovation strongly resembles the rooms in the Clubhouse.

Small changes have appeared in the application interface. Now, instead of the phrase “Who can join,” the inscription “Who can talk” flaunts.

Twitter is heading for more private rooms. As in the Clubhouse, in Spaces, moderators control the user’s conversations.

Spaces members will be able to set limits for their rooms. The Spaces app is undergoing the first stage of testing on the Android platform. Clubhouse has not yet taken steps in this direction.

Twitter can overtake a competitor thanks to a wider audience. The main thing is to release useful updates based on the latest trends. On the other hand, Clubhouse has also managed to acquire a large group of loyal users.

The competition between Clubhouse and Spaces is heated to the limit. Jane Manchun Wong herself posted a post where she allegedly deletes Clubhouse, reports NIX Solutions.

All that remains is to expect a response from a young but promising social network.