NIX Solutions: New YouTube’s Other Channels Your Viewers Watched Report

Now you can find out which channels, in addition to yours, the audience watched over the past 28 days and over the week in the Analytics section of the desktop version of YouTube Creative Studio.

The list of views for the week does not quite accurately reflect the interests of users, since it can be both popular videos and some random old posts, states Postium.

But a list of videos in 28 days can give you a better idea of ​​what content your audience is interested in.

How to use data from the “Other channels watched by your viewers”


With the help of this data, one can conclude how the interests of the audience are changing. Channel authors can work with these reports individually, for example, collect statistics over several months.

It is worth paying attention to the type of content that the audience is watching, what video formats and styles are popular, notes NIX Solutions.

The new Shorts format is shown in the reports as regular video content. Perhaps the other channels your audience is watching are taking some unique approach to working with short videos.

At the same time, one should not perceive other authors only as competitors. You may be able to agree with them on joint projects.