NIXSolutions: Users Don’t Trust Reviews on DTC Sites

Experts from the Baymard Institute for UX Research studied user behavior on ecommerce sites and concluded that users are skeptical about reviews on DTC sites (direct-to-consumer, that is, those where you can buy goods directly from the company). The results of the research are published on the website of the institute.


More than 95% of visitors to marketplaces rely on reviews from other users, researchers said. However, in the case of direct selling DTC sites, visitors don’t tend to trust the reviews.

During testing, 62% of users said that before buying from an unfamiliar brand, they first need to find reviews and product reviews on external sites. During a test session, 29% of users left sellers’ sites looking for more information, notes NIXSolutions.

Most of those users who viewed reviews on DTC sites spent less than a minute on it. They relied on other information when making a purchase decision:

  • images and detailed descriptions of goods on the site;
  • third-party reviews in search engine results;
  • brand social media content.