NIX Solutions: Microsoft to Add GPT-4 AI to Bing Search Engine

Microsoft will add a GPT-4 neural network to its Bing search engine in the coming weeks to compete with Google in the field of search, according to the Semafor portal, citing sources in the company. Compared to GPT-3, the new version of AI OpenAI will respond to requests much faster, and its responses will be more human-like.

NIX Solutions

GPT-4 is one of the most anticipated technology products to date, says SecurityLab. Earlier, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman commented on the GPT-4 rumors during an interview with YouTube channel StrictlyVC. He did not give an exact release date for GPT-4, but stated that “it will happen when the developers are confident that they will do everything safely and responsibly.” He also said that crazy predictions about the capabilities of the new version of AI are “complete nonsense.”

“I don’t understand where these predictions come from. People, apparently, really want to be disappointed, and they will be disappointed. We are expected to have a “full-fledged” artificial intelligence, but we don’t have it,” Altman commented, referring to AI with capabilities equivalent to human in many areas.

It should be noted that OpenAI also plans to launch the ChatGPT mobile app and launch the text description based video generation feature in DALL-E.

On Jan. 23, OpenAI confirmed Microsoft’s $10 billion investment, reminds NIX Solutions. As with past Microsoft investments in OpenAI, much of the value of the deal will be Microsoft providing OpenAI with the Azure power needed to run AI systems. In addition, Microsoft plans to use OpenAI models in existing products, as well as release new ones with integrated AI.