NIX Solutions: Google Introduces SEO Certification

While Google has long and clearly stated that it will not certify SEO professionals, similar to certifications for Google Ads, Google Analytics and a host of other services, that seems to have changed with the announcement of the new Google Career Certificate Scholarships for US business.

NIX Solutions

Google announced the provision of scholarships for training employees of small and medium-sized businesses in demanded digital specialties – data analytics, digital marketing, e-commerce, IT support and online project management. The company is ready to allocate up to $100,000 to train employees of one company, says SearchEngines.

“No work experience is required, and employees can earn industry-recognized degrees in three to six months of part-time training. For every scholarship we provide, the business will acquire opportunities, and at the same time, the employee will develop new skills,” Google stated.

It also says that the training will be conducted by Google employees who are experts in these areas.

It is noteworthy that on the page of the digital marketing course, in the list of specialties in which you can study and get a certificate, there is also a search engine optimization specialist.

SEO specialists enthusiastically embraced this opportunity. However, most of them would only like to get certified by Google without taking a course. The very idea of ​​becoming a Google Certified SEO has made the community very excited, notes NIX Solutions.

Recall that back in 2016, Google spokesman Gary Illyes categorically stated that “there will be no special certification for optimizers”:

“We have repeatedly considered this issue and each time came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to organize such a program. If we launch certification for optimizers, we will have to train them, which in itself would be nonsense. Firstly, because of the scale – it is not clear how many people would take part in this. Secondly, we would need to hire additional staff, which would increase costs. Finally, we would be forced to charge tuition fees, and this is contrary to the concept of organic search.”

Times are changing, and Google, as we can see, has not only launched the certification of SEO specialists, but will also train them for free.