NIX Solutions: Google Ads Update

The Google Ads team has removed the need to manually set up deep links in campaigns that target audience engagement with mobile apps. Advertisers can now automatically direct users from ads to the home page of the app. The option is only available to campaigns promoting Android apps, according to the Google Ads help.

NIX Solutions

You can use this option at the stage of creating an ad group. To do this, in the “Enter a deep link” column, select the “Set to app homepage” option.

The change is intended to make it easier for advertisers to set up campaigns. Now they do not need the help of developers to create and implement deep links.

Interaction campaigns help advertisers to remind users of the app who installed it and to encourage them to take the desired action. These campaign ads may appear on Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and Display Network apps, notes NIX Solutions.

These campaigns increase user retention and app revenue over the long term by increasing active users, increasing sales, and reducing user churn.

As a reminder, Google recently introduced Bowling, a tool for automatically removing disapproved ads.