NIX Solutions: Google Ads Adds Ad Revenue Optimization for App Owners

Target ROAS for app ads can now be optimized in a new way. The system will set bids depending on how much advertising revenue each individual user can bring. The update is announced in Google Ads Help.

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In order to use Target Ad ROAS with App Revenue Forecast, you need to link your monetization platform to Firebase and Google Analytics to Google Ads. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Add ad revenue information to your Google Analytics property. To do this, you need to link the monetization platform with Firebase, a tracker from Google. How to do this for AdMob – read the Firebase help, for other monetization platforms – read the documentation.
  2. Link your Google Analytics property to Google Ads. How to do this – read the Analytics help.
  3. Set up the transfer of conversions from Google Analytics to Google Ads. See Analytics Help for details.
  4. Send an ad_impression event from Google Analytics to Google Ads. To do this, mark the event as a conversion in the analytics system.

NIX Solutions notes that you can then set up the Target ROAS strategy by selecting the ad_impression event to optimize.