NIX Solutions: GitHub Gives Ability To Upload Videos

Microsoft’s GitHub collaborative development service has announced the ability for all users to upload full-fledged .mp4 and .mov video files to the repository, says SearchEngines.

NIX Solutions

With the help of a video, you can show, for example, an error or what a code change might lead to. With the help of the new functionality, it will be easier for developers to reproduce the order of actions that led to the error.

Uploading videos works in the web version of GitHub and in Android and iOS apps. On smartphones, you can directly download videos taken while testing applications from GitHub. Uploading video files is supported by all sections of the service: in pull requests, discussions, and so on.

NIX Solutions notes that GitHub has been testing video uploads since December 2020, and on May 13, 2021, it opened the feature to all users.

Also in December, GitHub removed all non-essential cookies from its platform. With this change, all cookie banners have disappeared from and all of its subdomains.