NIX Solutions: Google Analytics 4 Introduces 5 New Time Parameters

Google Analytics 4 added five new time options: Date and Time, Week, Hour, Month, and Hour N. The options are available in Research and when customizing reports, the GA4 team says in the help.

NIX Solutions

Four parameters collect data about the time when the system registered the event:

  1. The date and time are displayed in YYYYMMDDHH format.
  2. The month is a two-digit number from 01 to 12.
  3. The week is a two-digit number from 01 to 53.
  4. The hour is a two-digit number from 01 to 23.

The Hour N parameter collects the number of hours since the start of the specified date range.

All parameters are filled in automatically.

The GA4 team gives examples of their use:

  • track the effectiveness of a new campaign by the hour;
  • find out in which months the site has the highest traffic;
  • analyze whether users make more conversions in the morning or evening hours.

For more information on time parameters, see GA4 Help.

NIX Solutions reminds that at the end of October, Google Analytics updated its home page and introduced 4 new features.