NIXSolutions: Facebook and Instagram Updated Account Verification Process

Facebook and Instagram now have an updated account verification process. This is reported on the Facebook for Creators website.

Over the past few months, the developers have implemented a number of changes designed to improve the process of applying for verification on both social networks.


At the same time, Facebook assured that verified accounts do not receive any advantages in ranking, and the verification badge is not an encouragement, but rather a signal of fame and authenticity.

The company also stressed that it strives for impartiality, relying on things like press coverage and the account’s cultural influence.

Updated application form

To apply for verification, you must fill out the form.

Facebook noted that it has become easier to do since the update, especially due to the greater transparency of what is required to obtain an authenticity badge.

The form now needs:

1) Indicate what the verification is for – a profile or a page;

2)Verify identity (person or company) by submitting documents. This could be:

  • Passport;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Tax return;
  • Social security card;
  • Corporation charter;
  • Recent utility bill.

One of these documents is enough.

3)Confirm prominence. You must select the appropriate option from the following categories:

  • Mass media;
  • State and politics;
  • Sport;
  • Fashion;
  • Music;
  • Show business representative;
  • Gamer;
  • Digital content creator / blogger / influencer;
  • Business / brand / organization;
  • Other.

You also need to indicate the country or region where the page or profile is most popular.

4)Additional options

This is a new part of the form. Users can now describe their audience; indicate the reasons why these people subscribed to their page / profile, as well as their interests.

Other names or titles by which the user and their brand are known may also be listed here, including names / titles in different languages.

Finally, users can now add 5 links that prove that it is in the public interest to verify a profile or page.

NIXSolutions adds that paid or sponsored content will not be considered.

General requirements

According to the community guidelines and terms of use, verification applications can be submitted by:

  • Accounts representing a registered business or organization, or a real person.
  • Public accounts with biographical information, profile photo, completed “About me” section and at least one post;
  • Accounts with a “unique presence”. Pets are also allowed.
  • Accounts representing well-known brands, organizations or individuals.

At the same time, one person can confirm only one account – with the exception of different language versions.

Security questions

Facebook is also advising owners of verified Facebook and Instagram accounts to enable two-factor authentication as an added defense against hackers. In addition, they should be aware of possible attempts to cheat and impersonate another person.

The authenticity badge (blue checkmark) is only assigned to a specific person / organization and cannot be transferred to others. If verified accounts have received this status fraudulently or tried to sell it to others, then action will be taken against them.

It is noted that the main purpose of authenticity badges is to help users distinguish between known accounts, as well as increase engagement with them.