NIXSolutions: F8 2022 Developer Conference Cancelled

Meta has decided not to host the F8 Developers Conference in 2022.

“As in previous years, we are taking a short break from programming and will not host F8 in 2022 while we prepare for new initiatives that focus on the next chapter of the internet as well as the next chapter of our company: building the metaverse. As with the early stages of the internet, building the metaverse at every stage will be a collaborative effort—with other companies, creators, and developers like you,” the company said in a developer blog post.


At the same time, Meta says it intends to continue communicating with developers at other specialized events, such as Conversations, which will be held on May 19 this year. Interested developers can already register to take part in it, says ITC.

NIXSolutions adds that also this year will be the Connect event, where Meta intends to share the latest news on offerings for virtual and augmented reality platforms and the metaverse.