NIX Solutions: Improve Content to Restore Positions after Core Update

During the last webmaster hangout, Google employee John Mueller answered a question about how to restore site positions after updating the Core Update.

NIX Solutions

According to him, the drop in rankings after these updates shows that the site has lost relevance for targeted queries (from the point of view of Google). And relevance can hardly be improved by working on the technical aspects.

The author of the question said that he solved all the technical problems and issues related to the user experience, but the site’s positions did not return to the previous level. In response, Müller advised focusing on content rather than technical issues.

First, Mueller recommends not building unrealistic expectations. A site that has lost its positions after the Core Update will not automatically restore them after improving the relevance. This is due to the fact that now Google considers this resource as a different site – that is, it re-evaluates it.

Google will not revert the site to its previous position because it is different from the site it used to be, says SearchEngines. If its relevance was worked on, now it is a better site.

Therefore, if we talk about recovery, then this is not really it, since now Google is looking at a different site in fact and responding to it, notes NIX Solutions.

The Connection Between Content and Site Relevance

Improving relevance is something that requires a holistic approach rather than working on individual issues. The best way to make a website more relevant in the eyes of Google is to improve the content.

“In Core Updates, we don’t focus so much on individual issues, but rather on the relevance of the site as a whole. And that can include things like usability, on-page ads, etc. This usually also means some focus on the content – how you present information to users and make it clear what is behind the content. In particular, what sources are used, etc. It all plays a role, ”explained Mueller.

He also added that improving the user experience and everything related to content can help – to a certain extent. At the same time, he focused on working with content so that Google can see that the site has become better.

“Think about where there might be low-quality content, where users might be confused when they go to the site. Is it possible to resolve these issues through working on the technical aspects? Over UI? Or do you really need to change some content? “