NIX Solutions: AI to Improve Controls in Android 12

With the growing popularity of gesture control in Android devices, many users often accidentally exit the application or press “Back” by mistake. According to the developers’ observations, Android 12 is testing a feature to prevent such accidental actions to simplify interface management.

NIX Solutions

Google previously admitted that false positives when using full screen mode and gesture control on Android do happen. In this regard, there will be added a function that should solve this problem already in the first test build of Android 12 for developers, states 4PDA.

While examining the code for the latest firmware, one user found a list of 43,000 application names in the TensorFlow Light module. According to the developer, Google plans to use machine learning for these applications in order to prevent accidental clicks and swipes. Google’s algorithm is to detect the start and end points during the swipe, as well as find out if the user made such a gesture intentionally or accidentally, notes NIX Solutions.

The function of individual prediction of gestures, most likely, will be included in the release assembly of Android 12. In addition, the new version of the mobile operating system is waiting for another pleasant innovation: in it, application developers will be prohibited from setting a delay when opening notifications from the notification center. It is supposed to visually accelerate the smooth operation of the system.