NIX Solutions: Parental Control Mode On YouTube

YouTube has announced the upcoming launch of a new parental control mode. It will target users aged 9-12 and teens whose needs are not being met by YouTube Kids, which is aimed at younger children.

NIX Solutions

The new mode will not show personalized ads and ads from specific categories, states SearchEngines. Users will also not be able to make purchases, leave comments, or post videos. These functions will still be added later, with parents being able to customize them according to the child’s age.

The child will be able to use the service through a controlled Google account, and the parents will be able to track what functions and videos will be available to them.

YouTube has divided all of the content on its service into three categories:

  • Basic. This category is for kids who have outgrown YouTube Kids and are ready to migrate to the main platform. The selection includes video blogs, training and educational videos, music videos, as well as videos on games, new events and other topics that are of interest to children from 9 years old.
  • Advanced. The child will have access to a wider selection of videos and live broadcasts.
  • Almost all of YouTube. The child will be able to watch almost all videos on YouTube. Only materials intended for viewers over 18 years old will be unavailable to them.

YouTube will use automatic filters and manual review of videos when compiling selections, as well as the ratings of authors and viewers. Meanwhile, the service warned that the algorithms are imperfect and can make mistakes, So, unwanted videos may be found in the collections.

Parental Control Mode beta testing will begin in the coming months, notes NIX Solutions.

According to Google, the new solution was developed during 2020 with the participation of parents and experts in computer literacy, parenting and keeping children safe.