NIX Solutions: YouTube Analytics Got 5 Updates

YouTube has added new data to the Analytics section of Creative Studio to help creators better understand how users interact with their content. This is reported in a new video on the Creator Insights channel.

Major changes include:

  • More information about sponsors;
  • More data in the Analytics mobile app
  • Updated Overview page;
  • Data on changes in income;
  • Engagement metrics based on records in the community.

NIX Solutions

Sponsor data

This data appeared in the “Audience” section. Authors will now be able to see how the total number of such subscribers has changed over time, says SearchEngines.

YouTube also allows you to track daily changes in total sponsorship as well as active, acquired and unsponsored users.

More data in the Analytics mobile app

This update includes two new cards that were previously only available on desktops: “Other channels your viewers are watching” and “Other videos your viewers are interested in.” Clicking on the card will show YouTube a list of 15 channels or videos with more detailed information.

Updated Overview page

The developers have updated the overview page in YouTube Analytics on desktops. It now provides a clearer picture of video performance, notes NIX Solutions.

Changes in income

The Analytics section also has more data on changes in revenue.

If your revenue increases or decreases due to a channel’s audience moving to a country with a higher or lower CPM, YouTube will now let you know.

If the channel’s revenue declines because the majority of the audience is in a country with low CPM, then the author will know that this is not related to the quality of the content.

This data will be available on both desktops and mobile devices.

Engagement metrics based on community posts

Engagement metrics that were announced in May are now rolling out to all creators.

A new card in the Interaction tab will show how many votes and likes the most popular posts received in the last 28 days. Authors will also be able to filter this data by post type.