NIX Solutions: YouTube’s Policy Shift

YouTube has recently revised its policies regarding harassment and cyberbullying due to the proliferation of AI-generated content centered around high-profile criminal cases. These videos depict individuals followed by descriptions of violence, with some featuring distressingly realistic voices of children. Families of the victims have decried these videos as “horrible,” prompting YouTube to take action.

NIX Solutions

Prohibition of Disturbing Content

Effective immediately, YouTube has banned content that realistically simulates deceased or assaulted children, victims of crimes, or fatal events. The platform explicitly prohibits the creation or dissemination of such distressing material.

Enforcement Measures and Penalties

In response to policy violations, YouTube will issue warnings and remove offending content from the channel. Additionally, users may face temporary restrictions on their platform activities. For a first warning, the user will be unable to upload videos for a week. Subsequent violations within 90 days may escalate penalties, potentially leading to the complete deletion of the channel, notes NIX Solutions.

Previously, YouTube permitted the monetization of videos featuring twerking and breastfeeding. Simultaneously, the platform has updated its rules governing the use of AI-generated content. Studios now have the capability to eliminate content that mimics the voices or music of artists. Furthermore, content creators are required to disclose material created using generative technologies.