NIX Solutions: YouTube Updated the User Interface

The YouTube team has redesigned the app and the web version. The user interaction with the player has changed, and the main buttons and some interface elements have changed. All updates are posted on the YouTube blog.


So what has changed on YouTube?

Now, when the user rewinds the video, an accurate preview appears in the player. This will make it easier to find the right moment and frame.

You can zoom in on the video, as we used to do with photos in the gallery. The new feature is called pinch-to-zoom.

The background color of the application has changed. It now adapts to the hues of the video the user is watching.

The dark theme has been made even darker to make colors stand out in videos. The function was added to the application, to the web version and on Smart TV.

The Like, Share, Download, and Save buttons have been redesigned to minimize distractions.

Video thumbnails now have rounded corners. The look and feel of YouTube has been aligned with the design of Google Material You.

NIX Solutions reminds that in September, YouTube lowered the requirements to join the video hosting affiliate program to expand possibilities of content monetization.