NIX Solutions: Windows 11 Removes Maps and Movies & TV Apps

As part of the Windows 11 update, Microsoft has decided to exclude the Maps and Movies & TV applications from the standard set of applications during a clean OS installation in the experimental Canary channel.

NIX Solutions

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25987: Maps and Movies & TV Apps Excluded

Microsoft has announced significant changes to Windows 11, which for now only affect members of the Windows Insider program. In particular, in the new Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25987, available in the experimental Canary channel, the Maps and Movies & TV applications will not be included in the set of standard programs during a clean OS installation. However, Microsoft will not leave users without the ability to use these applications – they will remain available for download in the Microsoft Store. During a normal update of an already installed OS, the mentioned applications will be retained.

Streamlining Windows 11 for Optimal User Experience

This decision may be due to Microsoft’s desire to free up disk space and simplify the set of programs in the OS distribution, especially considering that these applications may not have been popular among users. However, it is worth noting that changes tested in the experimental Canary channel do not always make it into the final versions of products.

Innovations in Windows 11 Build 25987

In addition to the above-mentioned changes, the new build introduced other innovations, adds NIX Solutions. These include updated ways to install drivers downloaded during initial system setup, as well as improvements to the Microsoft Store that make installing games easier. In addition, in the new build of the Dev channel, changes were made to the Windows Share function, which improved the speed of data exchange with the environment.

The listed changes are evidence that the company closely monitors the preferences of its users and is ready to experiment in search of the optimal combination of functionality and convenience of the software platform.