NIX Solutions: Windows 11 Is Installed on More than 400 mln Devices

The audience of Windows 11 has surpassed 400 million active users per month, as per internal Microsoft data, with expectations to exceed 500 million by the start of 2024. While this marks substantial user adoption, it’s important to note that Windows 11’s growth is comparatively slower than its predecessor, Windows 10.

NIX Solutions

Comparing Growth Rates

Windows 10 achieved 400 million active devices within a year of its release, setting a benchmark that Windows 11 has yet to match. However, Microsoft proudly reports a 115% higher user base than Windows 7.

Windows 11’s Unique Challenges

Launched in October 2021, Windows 11 introduced stricter hardware requirements, demanding processors released after 2018 and the presence of a TPM 2.0 chip. Consequently, it couldn’t maintain the pace set by Windows 10. Microsoft did offer free upgrades from older versions, but only if the system requirements were met.

Confirming the Slow Adoption

Various statistical sources reinforce this slower adoption trend. On Steam, Windows 11 accounts for about 37% of user machines, while Windows 10 still holds nearly 60%. Statcounter reports an even more pronounced gap, with Windows 11 at 24% and Windows 10 at 72%.

Future Outlook

Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025, potentially requiring a deadline extension unless the company can drive more users to Windows 11, notes NIX Solutions. Furthermore, 2024 might bring the release of Windows 12, rumored to have a focus on AI and possibly distributed through a subscription model.