NIXSolutions: Which Countries Release the Most Mobile Games?

AppFigures Analysis: Exploring Mobile Game Releases Worldwide

AppFigures analyzed all the mobile games in the App Store and Google Play to answer a simple question – which countries release the most mobile games?


Distribution of Mobile Games: App Store vs. Google Play

Everyone probably guesses that this is the United States, and this is true, but this is far from the only country. Let’s find out who else publishes games. There are currently 746,000 mobile games on the App Store and Google Play. 70% of mobile games are on Google Play and the remaining 30% are on the App Store. This difference is indicative of Apple’s strict review process, which weeds out a lot of clones and low-quality games, which is not the case with Google Play.

Leading Country with Double-Digit Share: United States

American publishers lead the list, accounting for 33% of all games currently on the App Store and Google Play. The US not only leads, but is the only country with a double-digit share.

Runner-Up with Global Impact: China

China ranks second with a 5% share. Most of the games published by Chinese companies are aimed at the Chinese market, but some of them are also popular in the global market. Such games include, for example, Genshin Impact.

Other Top Contributors: Japan, Germany and Russia

Japan, Germany and Russia round out the top five countries with the most games on the App Store and Google Play. These countries account for 48% of all mobile games in both stores, notes NIXSolutions.

The Speed of New Game Releases: June’s Record-Breaking 17,000 New Games

Do you wonder how quickly new games appear? In June, 17,000 new games were published on the App Store and Google Play, the highest number of new releases in a month this year. 4.4 thousand games were from American publishers, and the remaining 13 thousand applications were from publishers from around the world, among which Germany leads with 440 new games.