NIXsolutions: WhatsApp Updated Its Web Version

The developers have updated the web version of WhatsApp. The browser version of the messenger has features that were implemented in mobile applications about five years ago, notes NIXsolutions.


The web version of WhatsApp with the number 2.2130.9 has a full-fledged image editor that allows you to edit photos before sending, says iGuides. The interface for sending pictures has also changed: it has become much more convenient.

If you select multiple photos, they are grouped into an album, their thumbnails and a text box where you can add a message are displayed.

The photo editing capabilities on the web are much the same as in the WhatsApp mobile apps on Android and iOS. You can rotate a photo, crop it, add text, a sticker, an emoji, or a drawing to it. You can undo the last action or redo it. When adding text, you can select the font and size.

These are pretty useful innovations. Now, when sending photos or screenshots via WhatsApp from a computer, there is no need to open a separate program to edit the image, this can be done right in the browser.

As reported in the WhatsApp blog, similar capabilities will soon be added to the desktop versions of the messenger – primarily for Windows, and then on macOS.