NIX Solutions: The Rise of PCs with Local AI Acceleration

Canalys specialists predicted at the start of the week that this year would witness the delivery of 48 million PCs outfitted with processors featuring local AI acceleration capabilities, constituting 18% of the total supply. Anticipated figures for the following year show a substantial increase to 150 million units, making up 40% of the market. We’ll keep you updated on these developments.


Projected Growth: Insights for the Future

Looking ahead to 2028, it’s projected that 205 million computers with such processors will flood the global market. This signals an average annual growth rate of 44% between 2024 and 2028. In the premium segment exceeding $800, Canalys analysts estimate that the share of PCs equipped with AI acceleration will surpass 31% this year, escalating to 80% by 2028. Notably, laptops will lead this implementation, with half of all units sold expected to possess such capabilities by 2028.

Economic Implications: Price and Revenue Shifts

The integration of AI acceleration functions into PCs is expected to marginally elevate average selling prices, particularly within the commercial sector. Canalys representatives foresee processors with built-in neural accelerators driving a 10–15% increase in average selling prices compared to conventional CPU-equipped PCs. By the close of 2025, more than half of all PCs sold for over $800 will likely support local AI acceleration, notes NIX Solutions. This surge in technology adoption is poised to propel revenue from PC sales from $225 to $270 billion between 2024 and 2028.

We’re monitoring these trends closely and will continue to provide updates as the market evolves.