NIXsolutions: Telegram Introduces Paid Content and New Features

Telegram channel authors can now post paid photos and videos. To view this content, users must pay a certain number of stars, which is Telegram’s internal currency introduced last month. This new feature was announced by the press service of the messenger.


Content creators can use stars to get rewarded in Toncoin cryptocurrency, which runs on the TON blockchain, or to advertise their channels. This new monetization strategy aims to support content creators and enhance the user experience.

New User Experience Features

Alongside channel monetization, Telegram has introduced a feature that allows users to collapse mini-applications into a panel at the bottom of the screen. This enables users to reply to a message or perform other tasks on their smartphone, and then return to the mini-app without waiting for it to reload.

Furthermore, Telegram has launched a global search for stories by hashtags, adds NIXsolutions. This feature allows users to quickly find desired content while maintaining privacy settings. Hidden stories will not be displayed, ensuring the safety of personal information.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments as Telegram continues to evolve its platform to meet user needs.