NIX Solutions: Shutterstock Names 3 Colors That Will Define 2022 Aesthetics

Each year, Shutterstock analysts analyze huge amounts of data to determine what colors designers are most likely to aim for in the coming year.

This year, the free resource platform even used its own artificial intelligence technology to study how a particular color is perceived on the Internet so that branding experts and marketers can choose the right shade for their clients’ needs, says MMR.

How Does It Work?

It analyzes millions of images, compares the exact hue of a single pixel and compares the image’s click-through rate, resulting in a list of hues that online audiences are most likely to like.

NIX Solutions

It turns out that the key colors of 2022 are those that evoke a sense of calm and serenity, which is not surprising given the state of the world around us. As we seek comfort within, Calming Coral, Velvet Violet and Pacific Pink draws us to a palette of positive emotions.

In addition, ads with shades of green in their color scheme were the most popular. This year’s data showed that emerald, jade, lime, mint and other forest-themed shades attracted the most CTRs and conversions, quotes NIX Solutions.

“Green is a primary health-related color that is often included in fresh food marketing and helps protect the environment,” Shutterstock noted, adding that the number of downloads of landscapes in which green affects the visual palette increases from year to year.

Calming Coral

Like a heavy filter on a beautiful sunset, this color brings out a more subdued, muted hue compared to some of the brighter, cleaner hues of the past. This color can be used to represent health and happiness, according to Shutterstock. It also pairs particularly well with other colors such as dusty yellow and pink, creating a nostalgic touch in design work. For creatives looking for a comfortable and natural palette, Shutterstock recommends contrasting colors like sky blue.

Velvet Violet

The boldest color on the record, velvet purple is a vibrant shade of purple with pink hues, evoking the timeless luxury and elegance of a royal orchid. While certain shades of magenta tend to stand out, this shade of magenta grabs attention without feeling ostentatious, according to Shutterstock. In fact, it is a natural complement to a contrasting shade of green like colored emerald.

Pacific Pink

While hot pink may be a favorite with marketers and advertisers, Shutterstock has predicted another shade of pink that is gaining traction. The perfect blend of vitality and serenity, this pink cotton candy is fast becoming one of the creatives’ favorite colors. While hot pink can be eye-catching or eye-catching, it doesn’t pair well with other pinks and peach tones. For cotton candy pink, creatives can mix it with light turquoise to evoke a different mood, Shutterstock noted.